Nick Reeder   Owner

Nick Reeder


Mr. Reeder is a veteran of the civil construction industry and has extensive experience as an engineer, superintendent and project manager. In addition he is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Virginia. He has worked for some of the largest construction companies in the U.S. on highway, airport and bridge projects ranging from a few million dollars up to $1.3 billion. From start to finish Mr. Reeder knows what it takes to get a project off and running as well as the unique challenges faced in day to day operation and project close out. Over his years in the business one challenge stood out above others and that was the ability to staff a project with qualified and competent personnel. From foreman up to the executive level finding the right candidate can be a challenge. Trust someone who has done the job, from entry level to management Mr. Reeder knows what it takes to work and succeed in the construction industry. This insight into the industry puts him in a unique position to better handle your staffing needs. Throughout his tenure Mr. Reeder has developed a vast network of industry professionals that will be facilitate his efforts. 

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